Dock Exposé - developed by steventheworker

download link:

Legacy build link - macOS 10.15


Dock Exposé is a window / task management app for MacOS. It provides previews on the dock using the familiar App Exposé interface (Control+Down Arrow). Trigger another application's (App Exposé) keyboard shortcuts (using Esc and Ctrl+Down-Arrow) to show/hide an overlay of the open window previews / thumbnails (in all spaces) for the app icon you're hovering on in the macOS dock.

Window previews when you hover or put your mouse under an app's dock icon. Get window previews in the dock on MacOS, automatically open the App Exposé view in the dock today with this Mac App.

Introducing Dock Expose, an app that gives a preview of your open applications. Dock Expose opens Apple's expose view in mission control. It does so automatically whenever you put your mouse under an application's dock's icon.